Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Love Bites

I received an e-mail the other day that I am supposed to send to others for good luck. That's right God, I don't need you.
Anyway here's the story that accompanied that e-mail.

A girl became blind due to an accident. A guy started taking care of her. He loved her a lot.
One day she had an operation sponsored by a mysterious man. She could see with both eyes, hooray! She saw that the guy who took care of her was blind. He asked her to marry him. She hated him and asked him to fuck off.
The guy was sad and he said yes he will fuck off but please read this letter and passed her a letter.
In the letter, he wrote that he donated both of his eyes for her operation. AWWWW!!!

Why the hell didn't he just donate one eye? What a dumb story.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

War ensemble

Shin Angyo Onshi : I am late reviewing this gem. Oh did I say...it was a gem... review over. If you can get past the confusing first chapter, you are going to be blown away as the story progresses. The storyline kind of reminds me of Stephen King's Dark Tower series. A mysterious anti-hero, a past that haunts him, a goal to take somebody down... the list of similarities goes on.

The artwork greatly improves as you progress through the chapters:

The only thing I could not stand was this lady's character design because it is really unnecessary (except maybe to boost sales?) :

If you can ignore this, you are really going to enjoy the story and it is going to keep popping in your head weeks after you are done. Thanks to Clarence for introducing me to this.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Is it ?


Oh what I have become
State of something that’s amiss

A strange feeling creeps
And it seems it’s telling me something
Broken and I…
And I can’t recognize as I look within
There’s always a thought
Of what could have been

You are away
And I can’t hold on
I can think, need a drink
Drowning in whiskey and memories
And someday I hope
To breathe easily
When you stare back at me
Oh all these stones shine but none beats
The sun in your eyes

You cast a spell on me
And I walk away with regret on my lips

Monday, 17 August 2009

It takes many nails to build a crib but only one screw to fill it

The Nine Inch Nails concert was good. Despite this being an outdoor performance, the sound was highly commendable . In fact this must be the best sound system I have heard from all the bands I have seen at Fort Canning Park so far.

Set list can be found here.

Here are some nice photos taken by Karen despite the crazy bright lights and smoke:

Robin doing his rain dance:

Anyway Gene Simmons, somebody I don't really give a shit about was there and later wrote on his facebook about how the concert had lots of smoke and he could not see the band.

Well, some guy posted the concert videos on YouTube, so you be the judge.

Oh and since I did not write any review about Black Sabbath, instead here's a video :

Saturday, 23 May 2009

It's been a long time

Uzumaki: If you have read and liked Stephen King's Tommyknockers , you should definitely take a look at this horror manga. Like the small town of Haven in Stephen King's novel, the residents in KurĂ´zu-cho comes under a strange curse that lead many of them to do insane shit. The artwork is also not your common manga style and is really suitable for telling these kinds of stories. Very pretty too. 19 chapters with an additional bonus chapter.

Parasyte: Another 'horror' manga. This one can be best described as John Carpenter's The Thing meets Spiderman meets X-files. Though the plot is basically alien parasites invading human bodies and other living creatures, Parasyte is really a thought provoking series that discusses the food pyramid. The artwork here is plain but would not be considered ugly. Thanks to the crazy parasytes themselves and the violence, you will overlook the bland artwork. 64 Chapters.

Friday, 6 March 2009

Go to DMC

Ahh... Oh..oh.
This movie was released last year in Japan but it's only going to be shown in the cinemas here soon. I think this must be the second best news I have heard so far this year.

Man, that crazy boss's voice is fucking sexy!

Some soundtracks:




I am sure if you can find this website, you will also know how to navigate youtube and listen to the rest of the songs.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Yeah whatever


Walking through sleepy streets
As blue smoke dances in the air
With tequila on the tongue
The next lie is not too far
If you believe
Planets align, a star‘s dying
Everything’s fine, an angel’s trying
Your life's not what it seems
Not like your elaborate dreams
And now hold your breath in the flow...
Feeding off each other,

We are part of their
midnight show
Ha, a smile can tear one from reality
In this drugged paradise city
And you were left
To find a name to blame
Oh man, your gods and my devils are the same

All the pain was fine
There were reasons to shine
Got lost in your tears
Drowning in the light in your eyes

In the wind a young gossip flies
Smiles holding back lies, judged by the blind
Lost a turn with the role of the dice
Your little heart cried and died...
Pin a thought on the wall
But there was beauty that set you free
No time to dream, no time to breathe
Just listen
Through the cracks you knew
There was nothing left to carry
It was a demand too many
You knew, didn’t you?

All the pain was fine
There were reasons to shine
Got lost in your tears
Drowning in the light in your eyes

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

There's an old saying...

Oh well, apparently this rich China dude ran a beauty contest for his 5 mistresses. And it did not end well. Somebody died. It kind of reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield's My 5 Wives movie except there is no relation between the movie and the China man story other than the number 5. That booby trap scene was nice.

Read the story here.

There's also another saying:Do not accompany the article with stupid fucking pictures that make no fucking sense . And don't pay the photographer because it is like sticking your head in the toilet bowl and licking the shit.