Monday, 23 July 2007

Will the real psycho please stand up?

I always thought my pen name was unique and interesting and though I have done this search before , I am still irritated to see many others using the name, psychodevil. >:(

Only 3 of the websites I found so far are actually about me. One of those sites has a description of me.

psychodevil aka ram is 24.81 years old, has been a member since July 29, 2006, has scored 0 submissions, giving an average score of 0.00.

Awww, this is a shame!

If you are seeing this, it is because psychodevil has NO web presence stuff filled out AND hasn't written any blogs! We hope that they do become a bit more social. Isn't community and sharing fun?
I registered for this site a long time ago to support somebody from the online community I belong to (gasp!) who submitted a design. Oh Threadless, how dare you blemish my name on the Internet. I am forever shamed, too bad I do not own a sword so that I can perform seppuku on myself.


Jai said...

So you should really submit designs to Threadless. Let me know if you do and I'll totally rate them. ;)

psychodevil said...

Haha thanks man. Need to find the mood.