Saturday, 29 March 2008

Music is serious business

First Exciting Story:

Apparently Mexico isn't just about cacti and sombreros. It's also about emo kids getting beaten with cacti by the cooler sombrero wearing metal heads and punks riding on donkeys drunk on tequila. Thanks to CNE ( not CNN) for this exciting news which will determine the soundtrack for the next Zorro movie.

Second Exciting Story:

Drinks company Dr Pepper has challenged Axel Rose that they'd give a free can of drink to every single American citizen if the 'Chinese Democracy' album can be released by this year (2008)
. It will be like the scene from " V for Vendetta" except that nobody gives a shit. I am not sure if Mr. Axel has accepted the challenge but it seems Bon Jovi will not drink his Dr Pepper.

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