Wednesday, 27 August 2008

A formidable warrior

This incident happened a few days back but the image has been burned into my retinas... the sheer amazing powers of the little warrior.

I arrived at the locker room. I needed to pee. I chose a cubicle. Floating in the toilet bowl water motionless, was a beetle. I started to pee. It moved! It was dashing about with its tiny legs. A few seconds later, I flushed. Goodbye Mr. Beetle. But alas, it did not drown and go to the animal's graveyard. It was still swimming about.

I washed my hands. I changed into my uniform. I needed to pee again. I chose the same cubicle and repeated the same things in the paragraph above. In the end, after being flushed twice, it was still struggling around.

My final thoughts as I left the toilet: if a radioactive beetle bit me, I would be a great swimmer.

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