Friday, 16 January 2009

Holy Metal Balls

Ah thank you faceless people of the Internet realm who bother to scan Japanese manga and translate them. You make me truly happy.

Detroit Metal City (DMC)
: Negishi Soichi is a pansy and a loser with a haircut resembling a dick head and despite wanting to make and sell his shitty pop music, he can only gain popularity as Johannes Krauser II, the lead singer of a death metal band known as DMC.

What makes this manga an enjoyable read is that not many people outside the band knows that he is Krauser II and he wants to keep it this way. And throughout the story, Negishi is being this mild mannered boy and he believes that he wants to be true to himself even if he is more popular in DMC. Despite all this, like a real life loser, he can't help but get into situations where he is ignored, pushed over, ridiculed and even back stabbed. These are the times when his alter ego, the 'Demon King' kicks in and he will get the courage to say FUCK YOU!!! to the people who stirred his shit.

This story is all about the fucking irony. The world decides your true personality.
Series is ongoing.

Chris V, you should totally check this manga out and here's a video for all of you.


ChrisV82 said...

Where can I find it?

ChrisV82 said...

Oh wait, you link to it. Duh.