Monday, 5 January 2009

It seems even...

Anyway found this interview online..

There are some crazy fucking fans interviewed here that I don't want to be seen hanging out with but there are really some things I myself am guilty of. I can't seem to say 'Slayer' in a normal voice. I must actually scream the word out like I have been possessed by Linda Blair's demon. And when I am walking past a guy in a Slayer T-shirt, I will tell him that is a damn nice tee. I cannot help it. If I don't say it, my throat gets all irritated and itchy and I will feel like I need to take a shit.

Later on, they actually interview Kirk Hammett. For some reason he beats around the bush but all he is trying to say is Slayer fans are more hardcore than Metallica fans. The poor guy. Lars Ulrich must have standing across the room pointing a gun at him.

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ChrisV82 said...

I remember a story about Slayer (not sure if it is true or not). Slayer was talking some shit about glam metal fans, so after the show, four Slayer fans saw a guy with tight jeans and poofy hair and killed him.

A little too hardcore for my tastes. They could have just gave him a noogie or a wedgie.