Saturday, 28 April 2007


I was at a bookstore with a friend today and he told me about this. Basically Penguin Books released 'My Penguin', a series of six Classics with plain white front covers and it is up to the reader to decorate them. At first I thought it was a smart way to not pay artists but after viewing the online gallery, it seems like it is a pretty cool idea. I found Colin Brush's 'Crime and Punishment' cover very nice and simple.

And now for some shitty stuff.

I was waiting at the bus stop after my friend left, lost in my own thoughts. I am aware a bus stopped near me and some passengers got out. As the bus was leaving, I heard a shout, turned and saw a lady caring lots of bags running towards the bus trying to stop it. As I slowly got back into reality trying to piece what is going on around me, the bus had already left and so I let my hands stay in my pockets. The lady smiled and shrugged at the others around her, accepting that she had shitty luck.

Then I heard loud noises coming from my right. 4 teenagers, two guys and two girls were talking in Chinese and English. One of the girls was talking loudly and I caught these words, "...should try to help to stop. Must help people. Just stand there. Must stop mah!'

I turned to look and the moment they caught me looking at them, their eyes darted away but clearly they were talking about me. I was too tired to give them the finger so I started to whistle loudly in a shitty tune so as to irritate them.

Oh well. If I was a teenage girl who received daily allowance which I spend on short skirts to show my legs, and , hey look everyone, an ipod in my left hand, I would also be bursting with energy to help everybody in the world.

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