Thursday, 19 April 2007

I would rather be poor than impotent

But having some money is still nice. The only highlights of this month have been Sheryl's and my brother's birthdays and so far the rest of this month has been a total shitfest. A silly $50 fine from the Army ( My own goddamn fault) has dampened my spirits and I almost cried a fucking river when my discman fell off the table and is currently suffering from slight memory loss.

Not getting paid on time and soon not going to get paid at all is giving me a headache and late night surfing the Internet while drinking vodka is not improving the headache at all. The loss of a job is not at all bad but it was as unexpected as walking to class and getting shot by a crazy dude. The only dilemma now is, should I improve my portfolio and work on freelance projects or look for another permanent job. Only time will tell. Bookmark this blog to find out what the future has in store for me!

Making matters worse is the lack of inspiration. Sick and tired of staring at empty paper for the past few weeks, I have decided to start from scratch with simple sketches.

This is not a pretty picture but that is not a pretty face. I woke up this morning and drew my ugly mug which has not tasted coffee yet. A photograph of me taken by the CIA a month ago is beside for comparison. Overall it is good practise and I am very fond of the hair. INDEED!

Also I am officially announcing to the Internet that I am starting on my own current project titled 'Heavy Metal Fan'. The idea is to create an artbook of paintings and sketches based on my love for heavy metal. I have yet to draw anything because of the lack of inspiration but I have made some progress with designing the logo. This is version 1. Yay!

Edit version 2: 'A' is now easier to read and does not look like 'C'.

Also progress will definitely be slow since it is just a personal project that I can hopefully sell one day.

a fan of The Spoils artwork:
first edition part 1
first edition part2

enjoying Immortal's Sons of Northern Darkness

Edit: 02/05/07
I did not have to pay the fine. It was a big misunderstanding. Yippie yaya.

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