Sunday, 20 May 2007

Moron this later


I had some really nice dreams in the morning. But let's fast forward to me waking up in the afternoon and neighbours telling me that somebody got murdered in the opposite block around 2-3 am in the morning. Usually I am awake at that time but I had some ice-cream with a friend before that and ice-cream has this magical effect on me.

A few hours later, another neighbour tells me that the story was that somebody had committed suicide by jumping down. Unfortunately I had no desire to watch the news, so I had no idea if somebody died or is everybody under some mind control by the government.

A day has passed and right now I am waiting for more concrete news. I am quite shocked I did not hear any sirens in the middle of the night since I can hear a mosquito sucking on some unfortunate dude a mile away.

On the subject of suicides, check out this video:

Usually I hate cellphone commercials because the truth is if you are ugly, an expensive phone is not going to get you a bloody model or a regular girl as a girlfriend, so I have no idea what the advertising agency dudes are smoking. However I must congratulate the guys behind the next commercial. Simple and effective. But most importantly it does not trick the viewer.

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