Thursday, 24 May 2007

A rare sports update

AC Milan beats Liverpool in Champions League finals. Yes!
I really hope Arsenal will buck up. Their performance though entertaining is not producing any kind of results. Also I don't care if Thierry Henry leaves the team when less cocky and promising players like Cesc Fabregas are around.

Now for something out of the blue, some crappy jokes I would say if I was doing standup comedy...

If I am walking around in my house in my underwear, then isit really called underwear or should it be called overwear?

I trained a monkey to scrub my back while I am taking a bath. But it's really uncomfortable to have a monkey behind you. You never know what that monkey is going to do next.

I like taking baths. It is my special time . Only when I am bathing, my curly hair is straight and I style my hair in fashions I can't really always do. This is my Misfits impersonation. *pours water on head*

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