Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Victim of Changes

It is not surprising to live in an area for 14 years and see different shops come and go but there's a particular stretch where no business seem to last long enough. It's like the devil took a pee there. I have seen countless shops in that area and my favourite was the one that sold computer games. I used to hang out there after school everday, seeing people play Time Commando and Quake. That shop only lasted for 6 months.

Only one restarant dared to fight the curse, Jack's Place Steak House and Restaurant. I have never patronised there because I am a cup noodle kind of guy, and though I rarely see people walking in and out of there, that restaurant stood there for many years, until now. It has been replaced by an abomination.

Some unholy force has opened up the worse kind of toy/gift shop. I was shocked to walk by and see Hello Kitty merchandise displayed behind the glass walls. I was more alarmed to see a crowd inside the shop. As much as I dislike the cutesy stuff being sold, I wish the shopkeepers all the luck but I predict them being around for about 4 months.

" If you are an asshole, you will like our new home entertainment system. It comes in three volumes, ' That's loud', 'Wow, that's fucking loud' and ' My neighbours are calling the fucking police.'


ChrisV82 said...

There's a couple of Hello Kitty shops around here. They're very...pink.

psychodevil said...

It's hard to walk past a Hello Kitty shop and not look inside. All those groups of girls...