Saturday, 11 August 2007

Party pooper

Soul dive:

Welcoming smiles to trust
The light is fading and all is a mirage
Spirits float about strangers and
Handshakes betray the heart
Gather around for a bite
Or take a smoke on the other side
It has become a game
Trying to remember the many names

History makes its rounds
And new jokes are part of the sounds
The sober grin out for more
While others kiss the unforgiving floor
Everybody's a memory tonight
Even if they are not alright
Reach out for a hand
And he may try to be a friend

Sense begins to disappear
And all signs point to stay clear
The moon begins to take a dive
It's time to go back to the old life
But it's really hard to leave
Even when the music does not please
Too bad the master is asleep
In his dreams he is drowning deep

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