Sunday, 10 June 2007

Their mum is a bitch

Three newborn tiger triplets that have been rejected by their own mother are being nursed by a dog named Hunai in Jinan Paomaling Wild Animal World in Shandong province. She will nurse them for a month, until the sucking turns to chewing. Those damn tigers LOL. After breaking three slabs of concrete with his head, Chen Yunai, the manager said it was common for Chinese zoos to use surrogate dog mothers to nurse rejected tiger cubs. However the article does not mention why the tiger cubs are rejected in the first place. They probably brought dishonour to their family.

'So far the cubs have not been named and are simply called "One," "Two" and "Three." Paomaling has previously put dog urine on rejected cubs' fur to make the surrogate think she was nursing her own puppies, but the zoo didn't bother with the urine this time because Huani seemed not to mind nursing the tigers.'

Note to self: Stay away from dog's urine. Original unfunny article can be found here.

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Jai said...

I'm surprised they're not using a Chinese woman to nurse the tigers, this time. I guess they would need that mutant tri-boobed woman from Mars for that, though.